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The Pediatric Center and Covid-19

  • Mar 16, 2020
  • The Pediatric Center Management

The Pediatric Center is dedicated to protecting the health of the families we serve. We are carefully monitoring and responding to the ever changing Coronavirus situation.

What We Are Doing:

We are cleaning and disinfecting our exam rooms after every patient and other office areas several times a day.

We have removed toys, books, and magazines from the waiting and exam rooms.

Our office has supported sick and well waiting rooms since its opening. We will now be designating our exam rooms as well. Sick visits will be carried out in one section of our office and well visits will be directed to the other side. We may ask you to be flexible for well visit care as our providers may be limited to sick or well visits.

We are requesting families limit those who visit our office. Please leave siblings at home. We suggest that family members over 60 avoid the office if at all possible.

Because of the need to vaccinate children against communicable diseases, well child visits involving immunizations should not be deferred. We will be rescheduling well visits that do not involve immunizations for 60 days.

If your child is sick please call our office first to determine if your child should be seen. Our nurses will help determine the best course of action given your child’s specific symptoms. Many children with fever and cough are safely managed at home. We are making every effort to keep those patients who may remain at home out of our office.

What You Should Do:

Wash your hands frequently

Keep your hands away from your face

Avoid large groups of people and practice social distancing

Avoid contact with older or at-risk individuals and family members if you have respiratory symptoms or fever.

Remember, as with all viral infections, the treatment for COVID-19 is supportive care responding to the level of symptoms. There is no medication or homeopathic treatment to prevent infection or limit the course of illness.

Stay informed Please refer to the links below for helpful and up to date information on COVID -19